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These are real stories of people facing the end of their lives. They are about love, freedom, family, home, joy, purpose and trust. They don’t take life for granted. They focus on what matters most.

Music has always been a special part of my life. My Nanna was an opera singer. Our house was always full of people singing and dancing.

I met Matt in 2015. He’s friendly and warm. He has a beautiful heart. We both love music.

Matt was diagnosed with cancer about four months after we met. Recently he has been told he has only months to live. I found out I have stage four breast cancer last year. They say I’ve got between two and five years to live.

I rang palliative care and this lovely woman said “you really sound like you two need some support“. A palliative care nurse and social worker visited us. They knew their stuff. They answered us honestly and with dignity.

The palliative care team has seen and done so much that the ordinary person like me doesn’t know.  They walk alongside and support us. They don’t take over. I can call them any time and I don’t feel like I’m a burden to them.

It’s like holding a diamond in your hand. I’m aware all the time of the knowledge of these people and their love. It really is very important to me to know that they are there and we are going to be looked after.

Matt had a living wake a few weeks ago. I’m not ready for mine yet, but his was gorgeous.

I’ve been given a little bit of time. I’ve got time to reflect. That’s a gift. It makes you think, if I’m going to die soon, I want to make sure I use it well.

I say to Matt all the time, “I’m so lucky I met you, I can be here for you and we’ve got each other right now.”

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Melbourne City Mission Palliative Care service works alongside people with a life-limiting illness, their family and carers, to experience a quality of life that is aligned with what matters most to each person.